Tasting sheet in use for outdoor wine tasting

Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic Sones Cellars winery in Santa Cruz moved their wine tasting outdoors. Under normal circumstances servers bring one wine over at a time as the customer works their way through a flight of five wines. However, alongside the socially distanced outdoor tasting, there needed a way to minimize the amount of contact needed between the server and customer whilst still enabling the customers a chance to get to know the winery and each wine in the flight. 
Design Goals
1. Create a tasting sheet that would be easy for customers and servers to understand.
2. Devise a way to reduce customer-server interaction during wine tasting.
3. Design a format that would be easy to update as flights changed over time. 

Hedgehog wine bottles

The final design follows a minimalist format with labeled circles for each wine. The all five wines would also now be brought out at once in individual carafes, to minimize server-customer interaction.
An existing hedgehog image from the Hedgehog branded wine labels was also added and included a QR code. The QR code takes the customer to a website specifically for their flight. The website was set up using Adobe Portfolio and enables the customer to learn about each wine as they go through their flight. The website also contains information about the winery itself and upcoming events that might interest customers visiting the winery for the first time, whilst still reducing the amount of interaction needed with winery staff.

Single flight tasting sheet

Double flight tasting sheet

A second version of the tasting sheet was also created to incorporate two different flights on one sheet. Utilizing another hedgehog image and the same QR code format from the original design. 
Tasting menue/flight website on mobile
Tasting menue/flight website on mobile
Tasting menue/flight website on mobile
Tasting menue/flight website on mobile
Although using Adobe Portfolio for a non-portfolio webpage brought some challenges in terms of layout and design, the winery owners were familiar with the software and could comfortably update the information themselves. 
Feel free to scan the code below to check out the winery's current tasting menu!  
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