Golden Gate Park Events Poster
The 2020 Golden Gate Park Events offer a unique mixture of botanical activities and vibrant nightlife throughout the month of October. These two themes are combined within this poster, drawing on abstract natural form and a high contrast color scheme. The layout of text was inspired by the stem and branch forms found within the natural world. Events were moved slightly off of the original grid structure and allowed a more organic rag to give the poster a natural feel despite the text’s angled vertical and horizontal alignments. 
The Challenge 
This project required the use of a strict grid structure to display a large amount of written information. Imagery, other than simple shape, was not allowed within the design. 
The Solution
Interstate is used as the sole typeface throughout the poster, its wide variety of fonts allows for clear distinction between information whilst still pulling the text together within one cohesive family. Interstate also maintains an even weight, uninterrupted by serifs resulting in a very legible and clean typeface. The rounded stresses and bowls within each font compliment the circular shapes used in the poster and the evenly angled stems and arms mimic the grid structure used to form each section. 
The bright white text brings the information forward in distinct contrast to the dark background, with the warm orange pulling the reader’s eyes across the poster and enabling them to quickly locate information by date and section. A tinted black is used for the background giving the poster a softer more organic feel while maintaining a high contrast to the values of the text and circles. The overall result creates an abstract visage of hanging lanterns, warmly illuminating the trees on a dark October night. 

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